The Healthy Fathering Collaborative believes in supporting and empowering fathers to develop their assets as nurturers, caregivers and providers of their children.  Learn more about how we define a healthy father. The HFC is a leader in the Asset-Based Fatherhood Movement. Check out our lifespan of fatherhood model.

White Ribbon Campaign
White Ribbon Campaign

The Healthy Fathering Collaborative, Passages, and the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center co-sponsored the 3rd annual White Ribbon Campaign on November 22, 2013.  Over 10,000 men and women of all ages participated in the event, wearing a white ribbon or tie, and taking a pledge to take a public stance against violence.



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Fathers Read Aloud!

We believe that healthy fathers spend time reading to their children regularly!  Their children reap enormous benefits and it is a wonderful way to develop a meaningful father-child bond.


So this year we are sponsoring Fathers Read events in some local schools and early childhood programs.


Participants will receive a copy of One More Candle, a wonderful book that was donated to us by the author, Merry Susiarjo.


Click here to purchase your own copy!

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